The Gifted 2×14: Fall of the Morlocks.

Joe tackles what could be the second to last episode of Gifted ever. Can Blink save the Morlocks? Is Rivva’s plan really even exist? And how many characters die need  to make room for more boring stories?


Gotham 5×3: Catch Up

Joe and Kris play catch up on the aftermath of the destruction of Haven. What fan favorite returns? Can Ed and Lucius solve a mystery? And is Jim too far gone? All this and Alfred prequel talk.

Gotham 5×2&3: Double Shot

Joe and Kris had to watch back to back episodes of Gotham thanks to On Demand not updating. Can Bruce find the Witch? Is Penguin a new ally? And can Joe end the show properly without having to edit it? All this and some talk on Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

The Gifted 2×12: Sleep Walking to a Spider-man trailer.

Joe finally sees a full episode of Gifted. Can our heroes accomplish just doing a sit down meeting? Is Polaris about to be caught? And are the Cuckoos playing Andy? All this and Spider-man Far from Home trailer talk.