The Wolverine Review and My Take on the big Comic News: Be Prepared.

Is this the best superhero film of the year? Who is Batman? And what is this sites’ big announcement?And why I am asking questions? Spoilers all around.

1 thought on “The Wolverine Review and My Take on the big Comic News: Be Prepared.

  1. I went into this movie not expecting much especially after the last one, but I was quite pleased with it. It was actually done pretty well, the fact that it wasn’t just a popcorn movie and had an actual story and heart made it good. I was very happy to see Japanese actors playing Japanese people as opposed to the usual American way of hiring Koreans/Chinese. My only complaints would be the Jean stuff but I understand this takes place after the third X-Men movie, I just really wish they’d erase that horrible movie from continuity. Also after X3 we were never really told what happened to the school. Overall it was a nice standalone story for the character, and a decent adaptation of stories from the comics. BTW, the post-credits scene is Wolverine going through airport security,sees an ad for TRASK on a TV monitor, and is then stopped by Magneto who tells him that dark forces are moving, building a weapon (Sentinels I’m guessing) that could bring about the end of our kind, and then followed by Professor X, Wolverine says how is this possible and Prof. X tells him “As I told you long ago, you’re not the only one with gifts.” Pretty much a set-up for Days of Future Past.

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