Comic Book Spotlight Episode 4: The Amazing, Spectacular, Superior and Web of Spiderman. Did we miss any other adjectives?

Andy gives his thoughts on Affleck being Batman as well as the Daredevil controversy. More rumors about Batman/Superman and the FF in Days of Future Past. And of course, Joe loses his mind over Spiderman which we all knew was going to happen. You can follow us on facebook now at


Breaking Bad 6×2 or 5×10: Buried.

Josh and Joe discuss the fallout of the Walt/Hank confrontation. Our conspiracy of the week is Walter Jr…Chek Drug Lord. Spoilers abound not only for this show, but Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad. Josh also rants on Zombies. Listen to the most hateful towards women Breaking Bad podcast on the web.

Breaking Bad: Season by Season Review. Hine-Spoilers-berg.

Josh and I review each season of Breaking Bad from 1 to 5. Extreme language. Not Safe for Work. You have been warned. Bitch.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Breaking News. Comic Book Spotlight is temporarily now The Offical Breaking Bad Spotlight.

What?! For a few posts, Josh from Guild of Fools and I are going to be doing a season by season review of the show and maybe even an episode review depending on time. For now, we have all five seasons done and ready to be edited. I know this is a big reach for a comic book show, but Breaking Bad just put out a comic book, so there you go. Its a giant loophole, but this is a project, Josh and I wanted to do for awhile and we finally had time to sit down and do it.

Big disclaimer. These will have a lot of swearing. Like a lot of swearing. There will be explicit tags on all of the podcasts. You have been warned.

If anything view this as a run up to Arrow. Which I will be doing with a lot less swearing. I hope. If you are a fan of the show or new to it, give it a listen. If not, then just ignore those posts and we will have new comic book content up soon.