Breaking Bad: Season by Season Review. Hine-Spoilers-berg.

Josh and I review each season of Breaking Bad from 1 to 5. Extreme language. Not Safe for Work. You have been warned. Bitch.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


3 thoughts on “Breaking Bad: Season by Season Review. Hine-Spoilers-berg.

  1. Your season 3 podcast has a lot of errors. You spoiled something from season 4. The scene where Walt is laughing in the crawl space after his bitch wife gives away the money is at the end of season 4. And you forgot all about the conflict with the street dealers and the kid who shot Jesse’s friend in season 2, that’s the reason for the mistrust between Walter and Gus and the eventual killing of Gale

  2. Yep, our bad. I will say that Gale was always going to take Walter’s spot. Gus gave him a giant student grant, what else was going to do, but be a cook for Gus. The gang situation is the thing that sets it off, but ultimately Gus was always going to remove Walter.

  3. Just listened to season 4. Gus’s cook was “like a brother to him” he said, they were “very close” is all we know, I believed they were lovers. They didn’t know each other from college, Gus paid for his college to learn chemistry, if you remember Gus has a hidden history in Chile and apparently a fortune.
    The kid getting poisoned, the reason Jesse suspected Walter is because his “special cigarette” went missing and he assumed it was Walter, Walter uses the fact that Gus is always a step ahead of them to convince him that Gus must have found out and did it.
    As for Hector, Gus didn’t go to gloat to him, he did that earlier when he killed the rest of his family/cartel. Jesse realizes that the nursing home was the one place Gus went to without security and surveillance, when Walter found out that Hector was his enemy he went to Hector and convinced him to get revenge on Gus. Hector goes to the DEA in public making it seem like he was giving a confession, but he didn’t tell them anything. Gus finds out and thinks he ratted them out and goes to him to kill him for being a rat, that’s how Walter got him.
    The two thugs he killed was in season 3, that’s what led to Walter getting shoved aside by Gus. It was around the half-way point of season 3.

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