Gotham 1×13: Jim Gordon, Overzealous cop.

Joe reviews 75% of this Year One centered Gotham episode.


DCU TV Review: The Rogues don’t get Left Behind.

Kris and Joe return to Arrow and Flash. Can Flash stop Captain Cold and Heatwave? Is Ollie dead? Who is a better employer, Ras Al Ghul or Amanda Waller?

The 2nd Annual Oscars Crossover: 2015, the Year of the White Guy.

Colin from You’re Wrong: A conspiracy podcast joins Joe to discuss all the things assorted with the Oscars. ┬áSo, it goes off the rails at times. We go through most of the nominations as well as the spoilers for the following: Agents of Shield, True Detective, all the movies, Doctor Who and Twin Peaks. I think that is it. Maybe. Some audio problems. Enter at your own risk.