Gotham 1×20: Gotham’s Final Four of Season One.

Kris and Joe car-cast Gotham’s final stretch. Gordon gets a case that puts everything on the line while Bruce and Selina pay a visit to Alfred’s stab in the gut buddy. We even get some Wonder Woman movie discussion.


Shield 2×16: Super-Gunn Returns!!!

Joe and Kris car-cast about how Coulson and Hunter teaming with a Marvel hero is Real Shield’s worse number. Also some Skye stuff that makes no sense. So, Skye stuff. Age of Ultron spoilers.

Better Call Saul 1×10 and Season 1 wrap up.

Joe and Josh the end of season one and what lies ahead of season two. And yes, Flash spoilers for no reason.


DCU TV Review 1×20: Our heroes face a multiple of tricks and traps.

Joe and Kris discuss their love of Mark Hamill getting his Joker on for Flash. They also discuss why Team Roy is the right team to be on.


Shield 1×15: Skye meets her Yoda.

Joe and Kris discuss “Real” Shield taking on Coulson’s Shield. Can anyone survive, a Shield who believes in a fascist oligarchy.


Better Call Saul 1×9: The villain of the show is revealed.

Joe and Josh discuss the next to last episode of the season. Can Jimmy make a deal with Hamlin, Hamlin and McGill for his elder care clients?