DCU Review: 2×4: The Fury Redemption of Supergirl.

Josh and a borderline sick delusional Joe discuss Flash, Arrow and maybe one time only Supergirl. Who gets what out of the DC Universe from the big CBS/CW Divorce.


Gotham 2×6: The Fire Burns All.

Joe an Kris Car-cast about the possible end to the female Firefly story. A couple meets their eventual fate and Joe figures out what is wrong with Gotham. Walking Dead spoilers for no particular reason.

DCU Review 2×3: Icy Relationships

Joe and Josh talk Crisis on Infinite Earths, Batman vs Superman, the first Spider-Man movie and spicy food. Somewhere in there is a review of Flash and Arrow. 

Agents of Shield Review 3×3: Inhuman on the Run.

You can really tell that Joe and Kris doing the show in the car on this episode. We discuss Skye/Lincol, Fitz/Simmons and Coulson/Cap. All the important relationships. We also talk Civil Warand X-Files spoilers. Yes, X-Files spoilers.