Gotham 2×10: Attack of the Killer Monks.

Joe and Kris discuss the next to last episode of the fall season of Gotham. We finally get a glimpse of Batman while Gordan races against the Monks. Joe also goes off on a line from Legends of Tomorrow.


DCU Review 2×6: The Colossal Double Size Thanksgiving episode.

Joe and Josh tackle two weeks worth of Flash and Arrow. Zoom, Grood, undead siblings and a bunch of guys ditching these shows to go to to Legends of Tomorrow. We also discuss what we are currently watching that has nothing to do with super heroes.

Agents of Shield 3×8: Drunk Hydra History

Joe and a now sick Kris keep pace with the Agents of Shield while the other podcasts suffer. A release date for Agent Carter. Who is Rosaline? And is the threat, so big that the Avengers or at least the Defenders need to be called in?

DCU TV Review 2×5: Constantine comes to CW Land.

Its the Josh show as Joe is still slowly dying. Josh likes Flash and his lady friends while Joe would like to see substance and not another named DCU character hiding in the background. Arrow has a special guest star and is Supergirl to sweet for its own good?