Agents of Shield 3×14: The Mac Effect

Joe and Kris Car-cast about this Mac episode and he is even in Shield. Joe discusses the real problem with the show of late and Kris wonders if Joss Whedon is even a part of this show.


Gotham 2×16: Gordon tries to escape BlackGate Prison.

Joe and Kris discuss this two story episode of Gotham. We crush on Penguin’s Dad while dismayed at what happens to Leslie Thompkins. Joe is still ranting about Batman vs Superman.

Agents of Shield 3×13: We disavow this episode. We do avow Daredevil.

Joe and Kris discuss this possible last episode for two agents of Shield. Why it doesn’t make sense and how easy of fix it really is. Joe gives his non-spoiler review of Daredevil and we discuss the 1D4 Convention next April in West Virginia. We also hype Joe vs. Batman vs. Superman on for tonight.