Better Call Season 2 Finale

Joe and Josh discuss the end of Saul’s Sophomore season. Is Chuck worse than Skylar?  And does Gus coming change things?


DCU 2×19: How not to do things with Flash and the Legends of Tomorrow.

Joe and Josh discuss all the topics of Flash’s Zoom heavy episode and Legends’ failure with Jonah Hex? Are the Time Masters just bad guys in the wings? Does Team Flash have any idea how to create a decent trap for a villain?

Agents of Shield 3×17: The Secret Warriors Enter and then immediately Exit.

Kris and Joe discuss what we think is the last  sixth or fifth episode of the season. Joe is not allowed to say the X word and Kris does all the heavy lifting. Plus, we have a traitor on the show, but not really.

1D4Con: Review, Phots and Interview.

Joe and Kris are in the car back from the 1D4 Gaming Convention. They talk about their experiences running games and playing in them. We also have photos and a special separate interview 1D4Con Found, James Winfield.

1D4Con Overview

Interview with James Winfield


Photos from X-Files Board Game, Dread and Viticulture Games.

IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0426 IMG_0421

Agents of Shield 3×16: The Sorta boring Origin of Gideon Malick

Joe and Kris discuss this rather place holder episode of Shield. Kris questions if the Agents should even be better of the Marvel Universe. Joe keeps hammering on about the X-Men and when the hell are we getting to Civil War?