1D4Con: Review, Phots and Interview.

Joe and Kris are in the car back from the 1D4 Gaming Convention. They talk about their experiences running games and playing in them. We also have photos and a special separate interview 1D4Con Found, James Winfield.

1D4Con Overview

Interview with James Winfield


Photos from X-Files Board Game, Dread and Viticulture Games.

IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0426 IMG_0421


3 thoughts on “1D4Con: Review, Phots and Interview.

  1. Thank you both for your amazing participation in my Call of Cthulhu games and for the wonderful things you said in your podcast about me (and Rogue Cthulhu). It is that kind of reaction which tells me I succeeded in my goal to make sure you had fun! I look forward to seeing you both again for more servings of “Hamburger & Vegetables”. ^_^

  2. As one of the two guys who seemed to keep crossing paths with you at the con, I can safely say I had a blast gaming with you two! Even in Doctor Who.

    And yes, Angela. You were amazing. Absolutely amazing.

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