Gotham Season 2 Finale: The Rise of the Villains

Joe and Kris discuss the last hour of Gotham Season Two. Do our heroes survive Hugo Strange and his new allies the Court of Owls? What can we expect with Season 3 plus who is the new Bruce Wayne.


Comic Book Spotlight: Crisis and Rebirth in the DCU

Joe, Josh and Kris discuss DC’s big events in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Blackest Night and the new Rebirth. How the good and bad on how they affect the characters and the universesĀ as wholes. Spoilers for Rebirth.

DCU 2×21: Chasing Barry

Joe and Josh pull a Reverse Flash and start with Arrow first. Josh goes into great detail about the Speed Force. How selfish is Kendra? And Joe’s daughter weighs in on Supergirl going to the CW.