Gotham 3×11: The Fall Finale

Joe and Kris discuss the last Gotham of 2016. While Gordon uncovers the truth about Mario Falcone, Riddler learns who killed Isabella. All of that is meaningless, because Bruce Wayne throw a smoke grenade while holding a grappling hook!!! All this and discussion what the second half of season will look like.


DCU 3×2: The Thanksgiving Catch Up Episode.

Joe and Josh get you caught up with the latest CW DCU shows. Why is Flash boring? Is Supergirl getting a Bat friend? Is Arrow back to normal thanks to the Outsiders? Does Legends need additions or subtractions to the crew? All these questions and a look at the Wonder Woman and JLA movies.

Gotham Review 3×8 and 3×9: His, Hers and a City Gone Made.

In the first of two episodes. Kris reviews Gotham episode 8 that deals with the fate of Isabella

In the second episode. Joe reviews Gotham Episode that actually feels like what Gotham should be.


Doctor Strange Review: Its A Kind of Magic.

SPOILERS!!! Joe and Kris review Marvel’s newest hero in Doctor Strange. We discuss how the film deals with magic being a thing, its implications in future Marvel films and if it really was necessary to make the Ancient One, a Celtic Woman.

Agent of Shields 4×6: The Origin of Ghost Riders

Joe and Kris give a hurry up quick review of this week’s Agents of Shield. We talk about ┬áthe OG Ghost Rider, the new Director being a jerk, how this is all connected to Agent Carter and the ghost of Harry Carrey. Cubs Win!