Agents of Shield 4×11: May Enters The Matrix

Joe and Kris discuss this frustratingly good episode of Shield. Joe advocates black bagging a sitting US Senator. Kris wants Radcliff’s head one a pick. We also discuss the new X-Men Show directed by Bryan Singer.


Gotham 3×13: Smileless Time

Joe and Kris debate about whether this a Joker episode or not or if even matters anymore. Kris loves the Riddler/Penguin break up. Joe loves the fact Bruce knows how to dodge and block. Neither really love 52 Joker.

Agents of Shield 4×10: False Patriots.

Joe and Kris discuss this week’s episode of Agents of Shield that is a character study of Director Mace. Kris laments Marvel’s movie schedule. Joe attacks the NFL over Tom Brady. And we get around to talk about this show.

Gotham 3×12: The not so amazing spinning plate trick.

Joe and Kris return to the car to start the second half of Gotham season three. We mix up episode numbers again while the show tries one more time to give us a villain we don’t need or deserve or really want. All this plus Penguin vs. Riddler, Gordon vs. Zas and Leslie vs the writers.

Agents of Shield 4×9: Broken Dolls

Joe and Kris return to the new car for the first episode of Shield in 2017. The Agents discuss Evil Robot films while trying to stop the Watchdogs from killing an Inhuman. Joe stands up for Android civil rights while Kris gives her take on the ongoing storylines connecting to the Avengers films.