Gotham 4×8: Of Cats and Grundy

Joe and Kris are in the car talking about one of the last episodes til the Mid-Season break. Can evil Birds of Prey stop Riddler and Grundy? Is Penguin the best mentor? And does one powerful scene make a show great?


Gotham 4×7: Here Piggy, Piggy…

Joe and Kris the second part of the Professor Pyg storyline. Has Bruce gone too far as the Billionaire Brat? What is the point of Selina/Tabitha/Barbara? And has a major story arc already finished? We discuss this and give a Stranger Things 2/It spoiler.


Gotham 4×6: The Silence of the Pigs.

Joe and Kris sit down to talk about this Saw inspired episode of Gotham. Professor Pig comes to town. Penguin and Sophia get closer. Dr. Thompkins forges an unlikely alliance. All this and we discuss our plans for the Halloween Countdown.


Gotham 4×5: I, Zombie

Joe and Kris discuss a fun controversial episode of Gotham. Does the new rouge team-up open the door Riddler’s Revenger? Is that rogue really dead? And can Sophia really stop Penguin? Join us as we start seven straight days of Halloween fun on the site.



Gotham 4×4: Collateral Damage.

Joe and Kris are in the car to talk about this emotionally rough episode of Gotham. Can Bruce over come his obsession with Ras Al Ghul? Have the writers hit a wall with Riddler and Penguin? And is Sophia Falcone really this dumb? All this plus New Mutants Trailer and Stranger Things 2 talk.


Gotham 4×3: Bruce Wayne…Billionaire Brat.

Joe explains to Kris this week’s Gotham. Which villain returns? Are Bruce and Selina on a Buffy/Spike collision course? And why this show starting in Arabia…120 A.D? All this and say hi to Joe at New York Comic Con on Sunday.


Gotham Season 4×1: Unions.

Joe and Kris return to the car for this season of Gotham. How has Bruce’s training progressed? Who is the new big bad? And this is the best Batman show since the classic Animated Series?