DCU 3×2: The Thanksgiving Catch Up Episode.

Joe and Josh get you caught up with the latest CW DCU shows. Why is Flash boring? Is Supergirl getting a Bat friend? Is Arrow back to normal thanks to the Outsiders? Does Legends need additions or subtractions to the crew? All these questions and a look at the Wonder Woman and JLA movies.


Comic Book Spotlight: Crisis and Rebirth in the DCU

Joe, Josh and Kris discuss DC’s big events in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Blackest Night and the new Rebirth. How the good and bad on how they affect the characters and the universesĀ as wholes. Spoilers for Rebirth.

DCU 2×15: The Aftermath of Aftermaths

Joe and Josh talk about Jaws, Vixen and Dark Knight Returns. It might be our best episode except the part where Joe equates editors treating marriage worse than terrorism in comic books or Josh denouncing Supergirl winning a race against Flash, because Girl Power. All this and who is the best comic book couple of all time.

DCU 2×13: Escape from Somewhere

Joe and Josh discuss the Prison Break theme of all the DC shows.Kris stops by to throw things. Is Earth 2, fun the second time around? Did anything really happen on Arrow? How bad ass is Ray Palmer? All this and why are minorities sidekicks and not the main heroes.

DCU TV Review 2×11: The Shocking Return of Everyone

Joe and Josh discuss well everything DC this week. Its a complete coverage of Arrow, Flash, Legends and Rebirth. Yes, we talk actual real comic books.

DCU TV Review 2×10: The Return of Reverse Felicity Smoke

Joe and Josh discuss the return of another Speedster to Flash and Goth Felicity on Arrow. Joe is pleased there is no Islands anywhere near both shows. This and why Legends of Tomorrow is a Justice League try out.

DCU TV Review 2×9: The DC Universe Awakens then stumbles down the stairs.

Joe and Josh return from the holiday break to talk about Star Wars, Mad Max and the Oscars. Oh yeah the newest Arrow and Flash episodes as well. Plus, Suicide Squad and why Marvel does everything better.

DCU Review 2×8: The Arrow and Flash celebrate the Holidays in different ways.

Joe, Josh and a few other discuss what will we get first a Crisis, a league or Blackest Night. We also discuss Star Wars marketing, Josh’s other show and eventually we talk about the show.

DCU TV Review 2×5: Constantine comes to CW Land.

Its the Josh show as Joe is still slowly dying. Josh likes Flash and his lady friends while Joe would like to see substance and not another named DCU character hiding in the background. Arrow has a special guest star and is Supergirl to sweet for its own good?