Gotham 3×18: Chemical Warfare

Joe and Kris go over this Rogue Cameo Heavy episode of Gotham. We debate which is more toxic Gotham or Gordon. Kris explains why bringing Leslie into the Court of Owls story is a bad idea. Riddler and Penguin have a tense reunion. All this plus Joe goes off on the Thursday Night Football as well as sport statisticians.

Gotham 3×19: The White Washing Begins

Joe and Kris do a very problematic episode of Gotham partially due to the audio. Penguin and Ivy try to form a team. Gordon blunders into the Court of Owls. While Bruce meetsĀ a Shaman who……doesn’t look anything like a Shaman. All this and 1D4 Con talk.

Gotham 3×15: How The Riddler Got His Groove.

Joe and Kris return to the car after a long Gotham absence. Is Lucius Fox the best Cop in Gotham? Is Bruce ready for a street fight? What Happened to Penguin and more. Plus, we give you the dates the convention we are attending.

Gotham 3×12: The not so amazing spinning plate trick.

Joe and Kris return to the car to start the second half of Gotham season three. We mix up episode numbers again while the show tries one more time to give us a villain we don’t need or deserve or really want. All this plus Penguin vs. Riddler, Gordon vs. Zas and Leslie vs the writers.