DCU 3×2: The Thanksgiving Catch Up Episode.

Joe and Josh get you caught up with the latest CW DCU shows. Why is Flash boring? Is Supergirl getting a Bat friend? Is Arrow back to normal thanks to the Outsiders? Does Legends need additions or subtractions to the crew? All these questions and a look at the Wonder Woman and JLA movies.


Comic Book Spotlight: Crisis and Rebirth in the DCU

Joe, Josh and Kris discuss DC’s big events in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Blackest Night and the new Rebirth. How the good and bad on how they affect the characters and the universesĀ as wholes. Spoilers for Rebirth.

DCU 2×19: How not to do things with Flash and the Legends of Tomorrow.

Joe and Josh discuss all the topics of Flash’s Zoom heavy episode and Legends’ failure with Jonah Hex? Are the Time Masters just bad guys in the wings? Does Team Flash have any idea how to create a decent trap for a villain?