Agents of Shield Season 4 Finale

Joe and a groggy Kris discuss the last episode of Agents of Shield for this season. Who lives, Who dies and Who is coming back for Season 5. We review the entire season while talking about the Marvel projects from Spidey to Thor to Inhumans that could affect season the show’s fifth season. All that and we spoil Flash for some reason.

Agents of Shield 4×18: What If…..Part Three

Joe and Kris are back in the car to talk about Shield’s continuing adventures in the framework. An Agent return, An Agent wakes and an Agent makes the ultimate sacrifice. All that plus we discuss a fan theory that was sent in that leads into Season Five

Agents of Shield 4×16: What If…Part One

Joe and Kris go back to the car to talk about the newest episode of Shield. Joe goes solo on reviewing on the Marvel Universe now becoming Hydra World. We also talk about New Warriors coming to TV.

Agents of Shield 4×12: Artificial Lives.

Joe and Kris are back in the car to discuss Shield’s misdirection episode. Do LMD’s have civil rights? What is going with Stan Lee’s twitter account? Who is in and out of Infinity War. And can we get Patton Oswalt back as a regular?

Agents of Shield 4×10: False Patriots.

Joe and Kris discuss this week’s episode of Agents of Shield that is a character study of Director Mace. Kris laments Marvel’s movie schedule. Joe attacks the NFL over Tom Brady. And we get around to talk about this show.

Agents of Shield 4×9: Broken Dolls

Joe and Kris return to the new car for the first episode of Shield in 2017. The Agents discuss Evil Robot films while trying to stop the Watchdogs from killing an Inhuman. Joe stands up for Android civil rights while Kris gives her take on the ongoing storylines connecting to the Avengers films.

Agents of Shield 4×7: The Upside Down.

Joe and Kris had some technical difficulties, but finally got this episode of Shield up this week. Did Coulson, Robbie and Fitz survive the explosion? What is going on with Mac? And how many Buffy analogies can we make on this episode? Plus, we discuss the new Inhumans movie and show.