Agents of Shield Season 4 Finale

Joe and a groggy Kris discuss the last episode of Agents of Shield for this season. Who lives, Who dies and Who is coming back for Season 5. We review the entire season while talking about the Marvel projects from Spidey to Thor to Inhumans that could affect season the show’s fifth season. All that and we spoil Flash for some reason.

Agents of Shield 4×18: What If…..Part Three

Joe and Kris are back in the car to talk about Shield’s continuing adventures in the framework. An Agent return, An Agent wakes and an Agent makes the ultimate sacrifice. All that plus we discuss a fan theory that was sent in that leads into Season Five

Agents of Shield 4×17: What If…Part Two

Joe and Kris discuss the second episode of Agents of Hydra. We question if it is too late for certain Agents of Shield to get out of the Framework. We also discuss the slew of trailers we missed in the last few weeks from Guardians to Spider-Man to Thor.

Agents of Shield 4×12: Artificial Lives.

Joe and Kris are back in the car to discuss Shield’s misdirection episode. Do LMD’s have civil rights? What is going with Stan Lee’s twitter account? Who is in and out of Infinity War. And can we get Patton Oswalt back as a regular?

Agents of Shield: The Very Late Fall Finale. Guardians and Spidey Trailer talk.

Joe and Kris car-cast about the possible end of Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield. We go over the newest Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and the teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming

Doctor Strange Review: Its A Kind of Magic.

SPOILERS!!! Joe and Kris review Marvel’s newest hero in Doctor Strange. We discuss how the film deals with magic being a thing, its implications in future Marvel films and if it really was necessary to make the Ancient One, a Celtic Woman.

Harrisburg Comic Con 2016

Joe and Kris attend the first Harrisburg Comic Con. We talk to Bob Mcleod, the Co-Creator of X-Men: New Mutants. The creator of Harrisburg Comic Con, Patrick Brown, also sits down to talk to us about how to start a new Comic Book Convention.  We discuss our loot and how our time as Press went. Lots of pics and Links.

Harrisburg Comic Con Discussion

Interview with Bob Mcleod, New Mutants Co-Creator.

Interview with Patrick Brown, Harrisburg Comic Con Owner/Operator.


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Pirates with Purpose


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Amanda Serrano-Make It Yours Crafting


Amanda Serrano-Make It Yours Crafting


Amanda Serrano-Make It Yours Crafting


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Amanda Serrano-Make It Yours Crafting


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Weapon Replicas-Hole in the Ground Productions


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View as we entered Harrisburg Comic Con


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Save Point


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DCU 2×21: Chasing Barry

Joe and Josh pull a Reverse Flash and start with Arrow first. Josh goes into great detail about the Speed Force. How selfish is Kendra? And Joe’s daughter weighs in on Supergirl going to the CW.

1D4Con: Review, Phots and Interview.

Joe and Kris are in the car back from the 1D4 Gaming Convention. They talk about their experiences running games and playing in them. We also have photos and a special separate interview 1D4Con Found, James Winfield.

1D4Con Overview

Interview with James Winfield


Photos from X-Files Board Game, Dread and Viticulture Games.

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