DCU TV Review 3×1: Everything is Awesome!

Joe and Josh finally return to do the first few weeks of CW’s DC shows. Supergirl maybe the best show while Arrow improves drastically. Flash starts off slow, but gets better. Legends may have the best villain of the all shows.


Comic Book Spotlight: Crisis and Rebirth in the DCU

Joe, Josh and Kris discuss DC’s big events in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Blackest Night and the new Rebirth. How the good and bad on how they affect the characters and the universesĀ as wholes. Spoilers for Rebirth.

DCU 2×21: Chasing Barry

Joe and Josh pull a Reverse Flash and start with Arrow first. Josh goes into great detail about the Speed Force. How selfish is Kendra? And Joe’s daughter weighs in on Supergirl going to the CW.

DCU 2×19: How not to do things with Flash and the Legends of Tomorrow.

Joe and Josh discuss all the topics of Flash’s Zoom heavy episode and Legends’ failure with Jonah Hex? Are the Time Masters just bad guys in the wings? Does Team Flash have any idea how to create a decent trap for a villain?

DCU 2×18: The Canary’s Final Cry.

No Flash, no problem. Joe and Josh discuss the best Arrow episode to date. Too bad, someone had to die to do it. We also talk why Legends needs to get out of the time travel business and join the Green Lantern Corp. Plus Suicide Squad trailer talk.

DCU 2×17: The SuperGirl Size Spring Edition of Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow

Joe and Josh discuss the last few busy weeks in the DCU. Josh goes off on Goth chicks. Joe explains why Legends is the Freshmen College kid who should know better. Plus we talks Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman aftermath.