DCU TV Review 2×9: The DC Universe Awakens then stumbles down the stairs.

Joe and Josh return from the holiday break to talk about Star Wars, Mad Max and the Oscars. Oh yeah the newest Arrow and Flash episodes as well. Plus, Suicide Squad and why Marvel does everything better.


The 2nd Annual Oscars Crossover: 2015, the Year of the White Guy.

Colin from You’re Wrong: A conspiracy podcast joins Joe to discuss all the things assorted with the Oscars.  So, it goes off the rails at times. We go through most of the nominations as well as the spoilers for the following: Agents of Shield, True Detective, all the movies, Doctor Who and Twin Peaks. I think that is it. Maybe. Some audio problems. Enter at your own risk.

The Academy Awards for 2014. The Betting Purposes Edition.

Colin form the You Are Wrong Conspiracy Podcast stops by to go over the nominations. We ask who should win, who will win and who got left out. Not shocking, we make a case for a lot of comic book and  genre films. Explicit Language. We also let a baby pick the winners, because she won’t shut up about Nebraska or Cheerios, we have no idea.