DCU CW 2016-2017 Year End Review

Unedited Joe and Josh return to reviewing the DC CW shows as they come to a close. Joe wonders if Legends is necessary? Is Supergirl the best show out of the four or how has Arrow beaten it out by turning a corner? All this and Josh goes off on the Flash writing staff.


Harrisburg Comic Con 2017 Photos and Review.

Joe, Kris and Josh attended at the 2nd Annual Harrisburg Comic Con. Joe and Kris go over the event and their shopping during the two days.


DCU 3×2: The Thanksgiving Catch Up Episode.

Joe and Josh get you caught up with the latest CW DCU shows. Why is Flash boring? Is Supergirl getting a Bat friend? Is Arrow back to normal thanks to the Outsiders? Does Legends need additions or subtractions to the crew? All these questions and a look at the Wonder Woman and JLA movies.

DCU TV Review 3×1: Everything is Awesome!

Joe and Josh finally return to do the first few weeks of CW’s DC shows. Supergirl maybe the best show while Arrow improves drastically. Flash starts off slow, but gets better. Legends may have the best villain of the all shows.

Gotham 3×4: Make Gotham Safe Again..

Joe and Kris discuss if Penguin/Riddler is a less toxic brand than Trump/Penance. We also get kick butt Bruce Wayne Clone, Gordon being the wrong guy for the job and Joe talks about his DC experiences at New York Comic Con.

Suicide Squad Review: Harley Quinn and Friends come to the big screen.

Joe, Josh, Kris and Joyce do a round table on DC’s new villain heavy movie. Is Amanda Waller, a person who creates a crisis to justify her job? Are we seeing Will Smith or Deadshot? And is this really the Joker and Harley, we need or deserve? All this and Wonder Woman trailer review.

Harrisburg Comic Con 2016

Joe and Kris attend the first Harrisburg Comic Con. We talk to Bob Mcleod, the Co-Creator of X-Men: New Mutants. The creator of Harrisburg Comic Con, Patrick Brown, also sits down to talk to us about how to start a new Comic Book Convention.  We discuss our loot and how our time as Press went. Lots of pics and Links.

Harrisburg Comic Con Discussion

Interview with Bob Mcleod, New Mutants Co-Creator.

Interview with Patrick Brown, Harrisburg Comic Con Owner/Operator.


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Amanda Serrano-Make It Yours Crafting


Amanda Serrano-Make It Yours Crafting


Amanda Serrano-Make It Yours Crafting


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Amanda Serrano-Make It Yours Crafting


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