Wizard World Philly 2016: Con Parenting 101

Joe and Kris gush over their kid. So, you have been warned.  As we gush over our kid, the Convention schedule not so much. We talk about meeting Captain America, Agent Carter, The X-Files and possibly our new James Bond.


1D4Con: Review, Phots and Interview.

Joe and Kris are in the car back from the 1D4 Gaming Convention. They talk about their experiences running games and playing in them. We also have photos and a special separate interview 1D4Con Found, James Winfield.

1D4Con Overview

Interview with James Winfield


Photos from X-Files Board Game, Dread and Viticulture Games.

IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0426 IMG_0421

Agents of Shield Review 3×3: Inhuman on the Run.

You can really tell that Joe and Kris doing the show in the car on this episode. We discuss Skye/Lincol, Fitz/Simmons and Coulson/Cap. All the important relationships. We also talk Civil Warand X-Files spoilers. Yes, X-Files spoilers.