X-Files 11×3: WTF of the Week.

Joe goes solo in this double trouble episode of X-Files. Can Scully and Mulder stop a pair of telepathic twins who murder people through hang man? Is this the most X-Files episode of the season?


The Gifted: The Finale Three Episodes of Season One.

Joe plows through the last three episodes of The Gifted Season One. Is The Gifted too real for television? Is it ok to kill the bad guy even if the world views you as a terrorist? Are our heroes just too stupid to get the job done? And is Polaris’ father really that guy? All this and a link to the Top Ten Moments of this season.¬†https://screenrant.com/gifted-season-1-best-moments/

Agents of Shield 5×7: Space Runner 2090

Kris and Joe discuss this heroes on the run episode of Shield. Are the Krees as tough as the writers make them? Are the Agents of Shield a Not Version of the Guardians of the Galaxy? And will the Agents come back after Infinity War? All this and a lot of talk about Black Panther.

Agents of Shield 5×6: Inhuman Fight Club.

Joe and Kris discuss this Clark Gregg directed debut episode of Agents of Shield. Can Fitz save everyone? What new characters are now dead characters? What Return of the Jedi scene did they use for the finale? All this and Joe explains about the college football championship game.

Agents of Shield 5×5: The Fitz and Hunter Show.

Joe and Kris discuss this flashback episode of Shield. Where has Fitz? Are Hunter and Mockingbird still a thing? And can you really charge a person for a crime committed by an AI you created? We discuss all this and our new Marvel Watcher.