Agents of Shield 102 Review: Dividing Line.

Joe and Kris do a rather long episode of Agents of Shield for some reason. Can the Agents put an end to General Mom Pants? Has one of the Agents lost their mind? And will Joe’s begging get him a Batman Kickstarter? All this and Deadpool 2 trailer talk.



Agents of Shield 100th Review: Full Circle Double Sized Edition.

Joe and Kris do an unedited review of the 100th episode of Agents of Shield. We talk about the major moments of the show that may lead to the series or season finale. We go over the entire 5 year and what its meant to us. We also wonder what the ramifications of a sixth season will be with Infinity War around the corner.

Black Panther: Hail to the King.

Joe and Kris do a late night to review the newest Marvel film. Joe loves the James Bond parts of the film. Kris loves the anthropology designs of Wakanda. Yet, both wonder if the villain is not up to snuff or falls into typical bad guy world domination. All this and possibly ideas for Black Panther in Infinity War and beyond.

Agents of Shield 5×9: Open Rebellions

Joe and Kris go over the 100th episode of Shield. Can our heroes get the bus to fly again? Is Mac being an old woman over leading a rebellion? And can Daisy stop the Kree Assassin. We also talk Black Panther hype and the Ant-Man and Wasp trailer.

Agents of Shield 5×8: Timey Whimey BS

Joe and Kris go over this flashback episode of Shield. Kris hates Time Travel. Joe tries to figure out if the Kree or the US Government is behind the destruction of Earth. And Kris hypothesizes if we are seeing multiple timelines.

Agents of Shield 5×6: Inhuman Fight Club.

Joe and Kris discuss this Clark Gregg directed debut episode of Agents of Shield. Can Fitz save everyone? What new characters are now dead characters? What Return of the Jedi scene did they use for the finale? All this and Joe explains about the college football championship game.

Agents of Shield 5×5: The Fitz and Hunter Show.

Joe and Kris discuss this flashback episode of Shield. Where has Fitz? Are Hunter and Mockingbird still a thing? And can you really charge a person for a crime committed by an AI you created? We discuss all this and our new Marvel Watcher.