X-Files 11×6: The Secret Origin of Walter Skinner.

Joe goes solo on this Skinner centered episode of X-Files. Mulder and Scully search for a missing Skinner. An old enemy returns for no reason and Joe goes off on Season 9 about it. More importantly, after 25 years, we finally get a Skinner story. Please forgive the phone’s notifications going off at times.


X-Files 11×5: The Son Rises.

Joe talks about this family reunion X-Files. Is this the best episode of the new season? Is this the first Monster of the Week mixed the Mythology? Did Mulder and Scully find their son?

X-Files 11×3: WTF of the Week.

Joe goes solo in this double trouble episode of X-Files. Can Scully and Mulder stop a pair of telepathic twins who murder people through hang man? Is this the most X-Files episode of the season?


X-Files 11×2 Review: A Lone Gunman Returns.

Joe continues his solo mission for X-Files Season 11. Is Langley alive? Can an episode be comfortably annoying? And is surviving not enough for Mulder and Scully after 25 years?



X-Files Season 11×1 Review: Scully Point

Joe goes it alone on the most controversial X-Files episode of all time or at least this week. Does Season 10 have anything to do with Season 11? Is William Scully, really Legion? And Joe goes over his time at NYCC with the X-Files Panel.